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Rental Application

Refer to these instructions as you complete the application. 

Step 1 

Click here and then download the application. 

If download is not an option: 

  • save the file to the location of your choice
  • open Adobe Reader DC (from the Windows icon)
  • choose the location of the file ("OTHER STORAGE My Computer")
  • choose the folder or browse to get to that folder
  • double click on the file you saved
  • close the Rental Application tabs


Complete the entire rental application. (Dates have a drop down option.)

Step 3

Signature line: 

  • click on the pencil, choose 'Create a new Digital ID' (unless you already have one) --> Continue
  • choose the appropriate 'Save' option --> Continue
  • enter your full legal name and email address --> Continue
  • choose a password and confirm it (also choose a location to save this if you don't want the default)
  • choose the digital id that you want to use for signing --> Continue
  • enter the password --> Sign

Step 4

Save the file as 'your name and the property name' in the folder of your choice (i.e. john doe 123 main street)

Step 5

Scan copies of 

  • drivers' licenses
  • pay stubs
  • employment letter (if less than 12 months employed)
  • co-applicant employer information (if based on 2 incomes)


Email completed application and all additional documents to