Boost Curb Appeal

First impression is key in selling your home.

Not only when potential buyers come to visit your home for the first time, but also when they see that key photo of the front of your home in the listing service, curb appeal is everything for a home's first impression. As soon as a potential buyer is driving up to your home or as soon as he or she sees the very first photo, you want your home to catch attention and let the potential buyers know that it is in good condition with current owners who have taken good care of it. Here are several inexpensive tips to help you boost curb appeal. Do not take this advice lightly as it may make or break a sale for you!

  • A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, whether it be your fence, your shutters, your door, or the outside of your home. 
  • Walk the exterior of your home with a buyer's eye. Pretend you're checking your own house out for the first time. Are you impressed? If not, why not? Address the issues.
  • Look for anything that might cause a buyer to negotiate for a lower price and try to fix or improve the issue. Water damage around windows and doors may discourage a buyer even if the issue that caused the damage has been addressed. So erase the signs of the damage by cleaning and painting. 
  • Clean and paint all water damaged wood to eliminate the look of an existing or previous problem. 
  •  Mold, mildew, and discolored/faded paint can set off a buyer's inner alarm. Clean up and paint. 
  • Do the cleaning and painting yourself. You will save lots of money!