3 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning – A Road Map for Daily Success

What? How? Who?

These are the three questions that Jared James, CEO and Founder of Jared James Enterprises, claims will start each day out on a road to success.

First, ask yourself, “What? What do I want to accomplish today?”

This initial question will give your day a specific direction. James claims that achievement and activity – often confused as synonymous – should always be distinguished. Be conscious of your actions throughout the day in order to be efficient and make real progress in your work. Almost everyone with a job is tired at the end of the day; however, being tired does not automatically indicate that a person has been productive. If you’re working, make it worth your while – have goals, be conscious of progress, be efficient, and you will be successful.

Next, ask yourself, “How? How do I accomplish the ‘what’ of today?”

Make a to-do list if you need to, or jot down some ideas on how best to accomplish your goals for the day. Often, writing something down will help cement it into your brain and make it easier to remember as the day goes on. So now you have a goal, and a plan to achieve that goal, so go carry out said plan.

Finally, ask yourself, “Who? Who is going to help me accomplish my goal for the day?”

Be aware of your work team – the people who share your environment when you’re on the job. Be aware of those people who are distractions or seem to make you work less efficiently, and try to avoid them during peak work hours. If you’re productive throughout the day and have achieved your daily goals when 5 or 6 o’clock rolls around, you will be glad to go hang out with those distracting coworkers, with a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. On the other hand, do not be afraid to seek counsel and advice from coworkers that you know could be a huge asset in helping you achieve your goals. Everyone needs a team – a good team that works well together and helps each other achieve success.

James says that if you ask yourself these three questions every morning, you will feel good about your chances and attitude going into each day. Keep in mind that not every day is about work – some days you need to relax, not think about anything, and just have some “you” time. But on those days where you are going into work and/or you do need to have goals and accomplishments, try implementing this simple strategy. We are confident it can be applied to almost any profession/task.