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Tips on Selling Your Home, Property, or Real Estate

Selling can seem stressful and daunting especially in a market like that of today. But it doesn't have to be impossible. Homes are still selling and people are buying. The trick is to know what is selling, what buyers are currently seeking, and how to choose the right price from the beginning. Our experts know the Ardmore real estate market and keep close tabs on the Northern Alabama real estate and Southern Tennessee real estate markets so we know how to sell the properties we list. We would love to offer you our expert advice and services when it comes to selling your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when listing your Ardmore TN real estate or Ardmore AL real estate.

First, ask yourself, Should I Sell My Property?  If the answer is yes, find yourself a good listing agent. Make sure you understand how to choose a realtor.  You want a professional who is prepared to market your property to the best of his ability. A good realtor will provide you with a marketing presentation, an explanation on how he will best market your property after he has visited the property and done a lot of research. A good realtor will also be able to tell you the value of your home, using the most up-to-date information and tools.  He or she will also give you a chance to ask all of the right questions, so that you can feel confident in your choice of realtor and know that your property is in the best hands to be sold at top dollar.

After you have chosen a realtor, consider the other tips in this article. 

First impressions count! They see the photo first! The first impressoin buyers have of a home is typically the photo of the home online, so as the seller, you should make this photo worth remembering. Visually appealing houses will attract buyers who can't help but respond to the look and "feel" of a home. Also, take time to carefully prepare the outside of the house (the "first impression" part) for showings. Make sure to:

• Cut the grass
• Remove any clutter from the yard
• Trim hedges
• Weed gardens
• Wash steps, windows, railings, doors, etc
• Paint if needed
• Remove unnecessary clutter from garages

Clean and repair anything that needs it. Buyers will notice details. Are there items you wanted changed, fixed or replaced when you first bought the home but never got around to doing it? Now is the time.  Get rid of the clutter, repair leaky faucets, wage war on dust, and clean until your home shines. Small things can make a potential buyer walk away. When you prepare your house for showing, remember to:

• Shampoo carpets
• Clean tubs, toilets and showers and hang fresh towels
• Oil squeaky doors
• Fix things like broken hinges and light switches

Check the odor of the home. Nothing will turn a buyer away faster than an odd smell. Try to eliminate smoking, food, and pet odors. And don't leave any clues. If potential buyers see a dog or an ashtray, they'll be on the lookout for smells and stains. After living in a home for a long period of time, homeowners can become immune to these odors. Have a trusted friend visit before your showing and tell him or her to be honest about the scent of your home.

Keep all paint and decor neutral. Too many personal items can make viewers feel like they're intruding in someone else's home. Keep things clean and simple. Decorate in neutral colors. For tips, visit open houses or model homes in your area to see what buyers are really seeing in comparison.

By following this advice, choosing the right realtor, and avoiding common seller mistakes, you will be on your way to a smooth sale and money in your pocket. 

For more tips on how to stage and price your particular home, give us a call or send us an email today. We would love to help guide you through the home selling process in the most hassle free way. We are your Ardmore TN real estate and Ardmore AL real estate experts!


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