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As your full service real estate company for the Ardmore TN / AL area, our goal is to not only meet your real estate needs, but also to provide you with resources to make your Ardmore experience a great one.  Remember, we are here to advocate for YOU, our clients. Below are several links that will guide you to various resources, from contact information for water and electric companies to helpful topics such as financial advice and seasonal decorating tips.  

Local Resources (Water, Electricity, Media, Transportation, Medical Care, and Schools)

For contact information to local water and electric complanies, transportation, schools, media, and medical care, click this link: Local Resources

Financial Resources 

Use the Mortgage Calculator to consider your financial situation, and check out this article on Mortgage Refinance if you're thinking about refinancing your property. For general advice, read our article on financing basics. Call or email any of our agents today if you have other questions or concerns about financing. If our agents cannot immediately answer your questions for you, they will provide you with a contact who can or get back to you after they have found the answer themselves.  

Real Estate Network 

We want to be your real estate agency for the Ardmore TN / AL area, but if you are moving outside of our area, we have some contacts that may be of help to you.  Scroll through our Real Estate Network to see if we have a real estate contact in the area you're moving to.  

Helpful Topics 

As a homeowner or potential homeowner, you probably have questions or curiosity about many things outside of the buying and/or selling process.  As realtors, we receive all kinds of information about popular amenities, current architecture, and home décor, as well as tips specifically for buyers and sellers, financing tips, relocation tips, tips on sprucing up the curb appeal of your home, and much much more.  Because we are members of local and national realtor associations, we have a vast network of information and resources that we can share with you.  We hope that you find out helpful topics informative and relevant to all of your needs and desires as a homeowner or potential homeowner.