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Is Ardmore in Tennessee or Alabama?

The answer is both--that is, Ardmore is in Tennessee AND Alabama.Ardmore TN / AL

Think of it like Kansas City. It's both in Kansas and in Missouri. Ardmore lies right on the border between Tennessee and Alabama, pretty smack dab in the middle of both states. The main Interstate 65 runs right through the town north to south and the town is also connected by Hwy 110 from the northeast, Hwy 53 from the southeast, Hwy 251 from the south, and by Hwy 7 from the interstate.

Ardmore is just south of Elkton, Tennessee, and just north of Athens, Alabama, which is the largest city within 15 miles of Ardmore.

As your Ardmore Realtor, we are licensed in both states and provide buyers representation and listing services for both states and all the surrounding areas. This really allows us to be flexible with our clients as we know the details that each state requires for certain transactions.

It's difficult to buy and sell on your own in such an unusual town as Ardmore. Don't let the state laws and requirements confuse you. Let us help by being your free buyer's agent or dedicated listing agent when buying or selling Ardmore real estate. We would love to talk to you in detail about the area, current housing market, and any other details pertaining to our location and industry. 

So is Ardmore in Tennessee or Alabama? Both! And we, Butler Realty, can help with any real estate transaction in either state! Call us today or send an email to the address below for updates on listings, what your home may be worth, or free buyer's agent advice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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