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Homes with Land in Ardmore

Finding a home with some acreage or land may be many buyers' dreams, but actually owning a good bit of land sometimes seems out of reach. It's really not out of reach if you find the right real estate agent that knows the area, the market, and your finances.homes with land in Acreage

Working with a realtor, who works specifically with buyers looking to buy land or acreage with a home, can help make the process easier and less confusing. Other issues, addendums, and documents may come up when you're purchasing land or large parcels rather than a simple single family home.  We have agents at Butler Realty who are experts in this type of real estate, and we are eager to find the perfect home and piece of land for you. 

Homes on land or acreage in Ardmore typically start around $100,000 for a single family detached home. However, land in Ardmore frequently comes onto the market for a large range of prices. The price is ultimately going to depend on the amount of land you're seeking and whether or not you're also looking for a large home. We can offer you a free service to let you know when homes with land become available in your price range.  Also, the Ardmore real estate area offers several pieces of beautiful land for sale without a home. This option is great for those who want to build their own home or wish to have a small home on a lot of land. 

Foreclosures and short sales are still in effect around our area, and you can find a beautiful home on several acres for just under $200,000 at times. In the $300,000 range, you're likely to find larger homes, possibly owner-occupied with up to 5 acres of land. Many of these properties offer outbuildings and barns or fenced areas spread out around the large amount of acreage. 

Ardmore is also known for large, beautiful Southern homes with enormous amounts of square footage perched atop dozens of acres. These properties range from $500,000 to over $1 million in some areas. Ardmore is a beautiful, charming little town with exquisite views of the countryside.  It is the perfect place to build or purchase your southern dream home with lots of land.  With Huntsville, AL only 30 minutes away and Nashville, TN only 1 hour and 30 minutes away, Ardmore is situated perfectly to offer quick access to cities with endless entertainment, shopping, and anything else you may desire, while remaining a quiet, peaceful town itself.  

Your home with land in the Ardmore is probably out there, waiting for you to discover it. Contact us to discuss your financing options or to talk with a buyer's agent that specializes in land purchases. We would love to offer our expertise in any home-with-land purchase in the Ardmore area.


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