Butler Realty

Choosing a Realtor 

The terms realtor, broker, and agent are often used interchangeably.  However, not all agents or brokers are realtors.  Each state issues licenses to brokers and agents who have completed state requirements of education, examinations, and experience in their fields.  Once an agent has met all of these requirements and recieved his state license, he may go on to join the National Assocaiation of Realtors (NAR), the world's largest professional trade association, and his local board or association of realtors.  Therefore, the term "realtor" is actually a specific designation for the members of the NAR and respective local associations who have gone above and beyond to achieve and maintain the highest ethical standards in the field of real estate.  A realtor will also share marketing information on the homes they are representing through a multiple list service (MLS).  Make sure you are working with a registered realtor to ensure that your decision and transaction will be considered and carried out in the most professional, ethical manner and that your home will be marketed through an MLS.  

All agents of Butler Realty are registered realtors and licensed in both states -- Alabama and Tennessee.  

If you're shopping for a realtor to represent your home, have 2-3 come look at your home and prepare for you a "listing presentation".  This presentation should not only reveal to you why a particular realtor is the best one to represent your home, but also provide you with information about the initial steps in preparing a home to be listed.  Look for a professional agent who: 

1. Is a member of the local association of realtors 

2. Explains and discloses the role of the agency early on in the process (who they are representing -- buyer or seller)

3. Advises you on how best to prepare your property for marketability 

4. Shows enthusiasm for your property 

5. Listens attentively to your desires and concerns while providing educated, reliable feedback 

6. Instills confidence in you regarding your transaction

7. Has a personality compatible with your own

8. Has thoroughly researched your property in public records and the MLS

9. Provides you with data on recently sold properties in the area, or those that have failed to sell, for comparison 

10. Will walk you through the process of selling your property from beginning to end 

11. Will supply you with information regarding local customs and regulations that may need consideration 

12. Will market your property to the best of his ability on the MLS and on the internet 

13. Will place advertisements for your property

14. Will field phone calls about your property

15. Will "qualify" potential buyers to ensure they would be financially able to purchase your property 

16. Will negotiate the sales contract

17. Will alert you to any potential risks or setbacks

18. Will comply with all disclosures required by law 

19. Will provide you with an estimate of the closing costs you will incur 

20. Will prepare you for a smooth closing of the transaction 

All of our realtors at Butler Realty are eager to go above and beyond this list of tasks for you.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us today with any questions about this information or to speak with one of our realtors about listing your property.