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3-Bedroom Homes in Ardmore TN/AL

When thinking of the perfect home in Ardmore, Tennessee, or Ardmore, Alabama, the 3-bedroom home comes to mind. There is nothing quite so perfect and convienent as a 3-bedroom home.

Most homes around Ardmore, and the country for that matter, have 3 bedrooms. Occassionally you will find homes with the extra bonus room, but a bedroom cannot be called a bedroom unless it actually has a closet. If you have been touring 3-bedroom homes in Ardmore and notice there is no closet in the 3rd room, it technically cannot be considered a bedroom.

Bedrooms must have a closet area to be classified as such in the real estate world. 3-bedroom homes in Ardmore, TN/AL work so well for families. Whether you are just starting out in life and need those extra rooms for an office and mother-in-law room or you have just one or two children that really need/appreciate their space, you just cannot go wrong with a 3-bedroom home. Those extra rooms can really come in handy freeing up storage and space that would otherwise cramp a smaller house.

It's interesting how these homes play out because even if you are getting a smaller home around 1200 SF, having those three separate rooms can make for such a difference in privacy and space.  And certainly if you are buying a 3,000 SF home in Ardmore, you can relish the large, open spaces of a 3-bedroom home. These homes are where true freedom and space begin. Even if you are retiring and need that space for a craft room, office, guest quarters or TV room, you will appreciate the 3-bedroom home.

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